Amon-Re- Mickey

Who am I?
Do you wonder what the sun god is like? I'm the sun god. My name is Amon-Re. I'm also known as God of Great God of Thebes, Father of the Gods, Air, War, and Fertility. In this wiki, I will tell you more about my looks and my power.

What do I look like?If you ever wondered what I look like, I'll tell you. By others I'm known to look like this. I have a braided beard, flat top hat with 2 tall feathers on the top. That's mostly what I look like.

What about my power?I'm the god of the sun at the end of the day he was thought to die. He also kept his power in his secret name, which he only knew.

Cool FactsI was "Amon of the road" a protector of travels
I was the most important god
I built many great temples for their gods
Egyptian rulers were called pharaohs

Cool Links
Amon-Re music video-learn some things about Amon-Re in this funny but annoying video. The words are a little hard to understand but the pictures are pretty good.
Amon-Re facts


Then and Now
Amon-Re was importent in Egyptian culture because he was 1 of many gods. The Ancient Egyptians had gods for just about everything. Today we have have God and Jesus as our only god(if you are Cathlic). Science explains a lot of what Egyptian gods used to explain ancient culture.

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