Bastet- Maeve

Have you ever heard of a goddess of pregnant women and cats? I am Bastet. I am a cat goddess. You may think cat goddess? She's probably lame. But I'm not only a cat goddess, I'm the goddess of love, joy, dancing, protector of pregnant women and much, much, more. In this Wiki, I will talk about my family, my wonderful festival, my looks and other fun facts about me.
Bastet a cat goddess.
Bastet in her cat form.

Who is my family?
Today I am doing a lot. I need to protect Ra in his soul journey. If you didn't know, Ra is my father. I help him fight Apophis, a hideous snake, not as nice as a cat. But still. Ra, many other gods,and I daily go on a journey across the sky (or Nut the sky goddess) and sail across the twelve provinces. The twelve provinces symbolize the twelve hours of the day. Then when we got to the twelve provinces Ra died. Ra came back for the twelve hours of the night. Then Ra, the other gods and I tried to defeat Apophis. We usually win the fight but sometimes we fail fighting Apophis. But when Apophis wins he eats Ra making the sun disappear for a day.
My sister is Sekhmet, a lioness headed goddess. Ra was angry at the mortal so he set my sister to kill all of the mortals. But then he regretted it so he called her back with difficulty. Her wrath is big but she is the goddess of healing too.

What do I look like?
I sometimes look like simply a black cat, usually shown wearing a collar necklace, sometimes with a scarab, and an earring. When I am in my human form with a animal head I look like a black or grey cat head with black hair. I am sometimes seen with a green or turquoise dress on, with a rattle in one hand and kittens play or sit at my feet.

What is my festival?
Men and women (but the kids were not invited) travel to the city of Baubastis. When they travel the women would say lewd comment to the townspeople. My priestesses would dress up in red (My color) and do rituals in my temple. For example the rituals might be healing, protection, and insuring fertility. When the townspeople got to Baubastis, the festival began. They would sing, dance, and drink. My festival is quite rowdy. I quite like it.

Fun fact about me.
  • I am one of the goddesses of the moon and the sun.
  • I am the soul of Isis.
  • Some of my titles are "Lady of the East", "The Light Bearer", "Lady of Truth" and "Goddess of the Birth Chamber".
  • I guard against evil spirits.
  • I am the goddess of motherhood.
  • I have a protective motherly nature.
  • I protect the pharaoh in war.
  • If you killed a cat you would be punishable by death.
  • being the daughter of Ra I became the 'eye of Ra'.
  • Cats were worshipped in Egypt.

Then and Now
Bastet was important in Egyptian culture because she was the goddess of cats, motherhood, love, joy, and pleasures. She was a guardian against evil spirits, protected of pregnant women, and her festival. All of these reasons are proof of her popularity in ancient Egypt. But now people don't think of cat or sky or even earth gods. If we do believe in a god it is only one god. The Egyptian believe in many gods. The gods helped them to make sense of their world. Today, we have science to help us make sense of our world.

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