Child in Ancient Egypt-Jack V-G
Who am I

Have you ever wondered what a child's life was like in Ancient Egypt? I live that question everyday. I am a child in Egypt. I am going to tell you all about the daily life in Egypt. You find things schooling, entertainment and what were some of the expected manners.

This is the senet game. These are some kids playing a game with some balls.

What did kids do for entertainment?
Children played a lot of games. Games were one of the most popular form of entertainment. Their games were mostly spur of the moment. Kids did racing, balancing, wrestling, tug of war, dancing, hopping, and games played with balls. These games are played all over the world. The balls they used were made of papyrus and sticks. They played a lot of indoor games such as board games. One of the most popular board games is called senet(as shown in the pictures above). The purpose of Senet is to move a piece around a multi color board. This was played by adults and children. Most boys played rougher more physical games. Animal figures were also popular with kids. Some of the most common figures were crocodiles, cats and lions. Dolls were popular with little girls just like they are today.
What did children wear for clothing?Children didn't wear clothes until they were about 6 years old. After the age 6 children, would wear the same clothes as men or women. Boys(after 6 years old) would wear a skirt that was tied with a belt. The skirt length depended on the fashion at the time. In the old kingdom the skirts were short. In the middle kingdom the skirts were about down to their shins. In the New Kingdom boys/men wore pleated garment. Girls(after the age of 6) wore a full length straight dress. The dress was decorated with jewelry. Most people did not wear shoes for their entire life. So kids didn't wear shoes.
Did kids go to school and what did they do for their careers?Girls usually didn't go to school because they were not allowed to work at most jobs. Girls were mostly taught by their mothers. Girls were taught how to manage the house and how to do household chores. For boys, the oldest son usually followed the father's career. The oldest boy could start training to follow the fathers footsteps as young as 5 years old. If the family had multiple sons they boys would also pick their career by a very young age. About at the age of 9. Only the smartest kids went to school to become scribes.
What was kids family like?There were as many as 15 children in a house. Mothers were the ones to supervise the house while the man of the house was the main source of income. They were the ones responsible for the families financial income. Children lived at home until they reached the marriageable age. For boys the age was 21 and for girls the age was younger than 21.What were some manners? Egyptians did not use silverware. Most people ate with their hands. It was very bad manners to stare at your food. It was not exceptable to feed the animals at the table. Children also washed their hands before they ate. They didn't have sinks so they dipped their hands in bowls of water to get them clean.10 cool fun facts
1. Little girls and boys shaved all their hair off
2. Kids didn't wear clothes until they were 6 years old
3. The most popular dog looked like a greyhound
4. Green and red monkey were popular as pets also
5. Doctors treated children with cucumbers
6. Lots of games that we play today children played in Ancient Egypt
7. There were roughly 800 commonly used hieroglyphs
8. It took 10 to 12 years to complete scribal school
9. Scribes practiced writing on flat pieces of limestone
10. Children picked fruit such as dates and figs for an afternoon snack

Cool links
Senet rules and game play This link shows you the rules and how to play the game of senet.

On this link you can make a cool designs to show how much you know about ancient Egyptian children. The more you type in a word the bigger it is. The bigger it is the more you know about the word.ClothingIn this link you will learn all about clothing that children wore (that were under 6 years old) and clothes that children wore (that were over six years old). The clothes that kids wore that were over six are under men/women.
Then and NowThe children of Ancient Egypt were very important because they were the future of Egypt. If they were not taught well by their mothers, fathers and teachers the empire of Ancient Egypt would crumble. Today children are still very important to American culture because the kids will end up doing the jobs that adults do now. Back then not all kids went to school. Today every child has to go to school.
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