Cleopatra- Chloe and Autumn


Chloe and Autumn, please edit and revise your writing. There are many spelling and punctuation errors. Be sure all your information is in your own words.Where is your bibliography? Please see me if you need help. ~ Mrs. Woodbury

Have you ever wondered who the Queen of Egypt was? I was the Queen of Egypt my name is Cleopatra I was one of the most powerful woman in Egypt.I got powerful by marring mysecond husband Julius Caesar.

I Wasn't a Egyptian

Even though I was the Queen of Egypt I wasn't even a Egyptian I was Greek my mother was greek the reason why I was the queen of Egypt was because married a Julius Caesar but my father was the King of Egypt so before I met my second I was one of the princesses of egypt

Who Is My Family

My father was Potlemey V and my mother was cleopatra V and my brother is Ptolemy the VI when my parents died I had to marry my brother for me to be Queen.As you can see I didn't have a big family just me my brother and my mom an dad. my dad was the king of Egypt so we had a busy life

Who Are My Kids

I had 3 kids I had 2 of them with Mark Antony and my first chiled died from unknown causes in Rome but my second child cleopatra selene when she grow up she married a African king named Juba II third kid I had was with Julius Caesar but i din't have a a 3 husband and he was my brother and we dint have any kids together we could only get married.

Then And Now

Cleopatra was important to Egyption culture because she was the queen of egypt and fought against men. It was unusual for women to be so power and more power and so they would be able to do what they wanted to do. Ancient Egyptians believed that you needed to have a god for everything because they didn't understand Today women have a lot of more power than most egyptan women but we still haven't had a women presdent. WHY NOT?


1. Cleopatra killed her self by hold a pronis snake up to her and let it bit her.
2. Her brother died in the Alexandrian War.
3. Cleopatra is often portrayed as a beautiful.
4. Pictures of her depicted on coins.
5. She was the last pharaoh of Egypt.
6. Most powerful men in history loved her.
7. She was able to keep the Romans at bay and Egypt.
8. We do not know where she was buried.
9. Mark Antony and Cleopatra in the Battle of Actium and took over Egypt.
10. She may not have been a beauty at all.


**Facts about Cleoptra** This tells about her family and her husbands and kids.

Begging To The EndThis is about almost every one and every thing in her life that we know about.

ABOUT HER MOM AND DAD this is about her mom and dad how her dad was an egyption king and her mom was a greek women.