Dylan Coombs

Who am I?

Have you ever fought in a war, because I have. I'm an Ancient Egyptian warrior. I fight for my kingdom, I fight for others, I even fight for the Pharaoh and myself. I protect the Pharaoh with all my life. I take and do all the orders I am given. If I don't do the orders I'm given I'm given punishments and sometimes even Warriors can get killed for not following their orders. So I have to do all the orders i'm given. I'm a Warrior with lots of responsibilities. Know in my wiki you about the weapons and how I used them.

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What Weapons did they use and how did they use them?

The weapons I use are axes, swords, bows, spears, mallets and shields. I use them for fighting in wars. The most common weapon that Ancient Egyptian warriors use are swords and shields. They used shields to protect themselves. The bows were long range weapons that had rocks for tips. They used spears for longer reaching combat so they could defend themselves against enemy swords. The mallets were deadly close range weapons that injured or killed my enemies.

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Fun Facts

1. They were whipped and hurt to see if they were tough enough to be in the army.
2. The most common weapons were swords and shields.
3. Ancient Egyptian warriors would sometimes get killed for not following orders.
4. Bows were long range weapons that were used to get enemies that swords and other shorter weapons couldn't get.
5. Mallets were used to push back enemies, they also broke enemies weapons.

Then and Now

Ancient Egyptian warriors and soldiers are the same and different. They both protect their country. But Ancient Egyptian warriors took over new places to have more resources like gold or food that grew in different places. We help to keep peace in new places and keep the United States safe. Both the Ancient Egyptians and our military today fight in wars.

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