Who am I?
Have you ever wondered to know what is the greatest pyramid in the world? Well, I am the Great Pyramid. I am one of the greatest ancient wonders in the world. I am the tallest pyramid in the world. I am the largest pyramid ever built. I have about 2.3 million stone blocks, weighing an average of 2.5 to 15 tons each. It is estimated that the workers would have had to set a block every two and a half minutes. I was started in 2560 BC and finished in 2540 BC.

What is Inside me?

Inside me is three chambers. The false burial chamber, thieves will think it is the real one, the queen chamber, and the king's chamber know as the grand chamber. There are air vents so the pharaoh can go to his afterlife.


Who is Khufu?

Khufu is a pharaoh. His most commonly know name was Cheops. He was the second pharaoh to rule in the 4th Dynasty. He ruled appositely 23 years. He enslaved his people to build me. He led his powerful army into Sinai and he led raids in Nubia and Libya. He was buried with a boat.


Then and Now
The Great Pyramid was important to ancient Egyptians because pyramids brought their pharaohs safely to the afterlife. Now we give our leader a proper burial. He gets put in a coffin then gets buried in a National cemetery.

5 Facts

My Base is 10 football fields
Two types of limestone, soft and hard
There wasn't any hieroglyphics or writing in me
I am so huge so can see me from the high mountains of Israel
I was with so much precisely that not even today's technology can replicate it



This tells you cool information about the great pyramid like how does it look like in the inside, the outside, and how was it built. Information Video

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