My name is Osiris and I'm god of vegetation and the underworld.

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Who am I?
Osiris is the son of Geb & Nut. Geb was a Earth god and Nut was a sky goddess. When Geb retired as Ruler and Pharaoh of Egypt Osiris took his place among the gods. Osiris had brown eyes and stood 6’ 3” tall. Osiris had a bother named Seth who was stronger than him.

What is a great god?
The oldest religious texts known to us refer to him as the great god of the dead, who once possessed human form and lived upon earth. After his murder by Seth he became the king of the underworld and presided over the judgment of dead souls. Osiris was also a god of agriculture. This may seem rather strange as he was dead, and technically infertile. However, it actually makes a lot of sense when you consider the death and rebirth in the agricultural cycle of planting and harvesting grain. Every harvest, the god was symbolically killed and his body broken on the threshing room floor, but after the life would return to the land and the crops would grow again.

What kind of powers did he have?
Osiris had powers above most of the Egyptian Gods except possibly Seth.
He had superhuman strength at least Class 80, stamina and resistance to harm.
He has several powers in nature as well as the power to manipulate energy.

What else do you want to know?
  • Seth eventually learned that Osiris had replaced Ammon-Ra and overthrew him from that position and took command of both the heavens and the earth. He then imprisoned Osiris, Isis, Horus and the rest of the Egyptian Gods in a pyramid for all millennia.
  • Osiris' subjects began to love him, but his brother Seth hated him for several reasons. He hated him for being passed over as ruler and became jealous of the adoration given him.

Then and Now?
Osiris was important because he was god of heaven and earth. All people believed in gods. Today, most of the Egyptian cultures still look to the gods,fewer gods then they used to.

Interesting sites
I want to send you to this website to learn more about Osiris and his enemies. Also more about him before he became god of the underworld.
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