Mackenzie L.
Yo Dawg, I am the Nile River! Being the Nile is epic! I am an ultimate resource! Without me, the Egyptians wouldn't have survived!! And all the Egyptians loved me! I have so much water that it's incredible! And so many people to this day still use me! I am going to tell you facts about the Nile.
The Nile River is about 4,100 miles long! Also known as the LONGEST RIVER IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!. A lot of animals live in the Nile such as the Nile crocodiles, egrets, hippopotamuses, and frogs! More frogs and Nile crocodiles live in the Nile than egrets. People survive on the Nile because I supply water and food, like fish. The Nile River supplies a lot of fertile soil each year when it floods.The Nile River is an easier way to get to and leave places. A camel would take longer then taking a boat down the Nile. Taking a boat sometimes would be dangerous because of Nile crocodiles. Some people even would shoot at you if they felt as if they were in danger or if you were trespassing.

The Nile River
The Horizon upon the Nile River

The Nile River Rap

Aye, I am the Nile River, about 4,000 miles long only 22% runs through Egypt, That's where I belong!You may think this is silly but I think its cool, I run through Africa, Ethiopia too!When people go to the west they start to shiver; it's the land of the dead thats where they quiver.But then they see my waters start to shimmer. And I get to see them smile as they sail the Nile. :)
But you better be careful or you will be eaten, by the Nile Crocodiles,I swear they weigh like 1,000 pounds, Ha that's more than pretty much anything else in town.I see a lot of things, maybe more then a few, I even saw Pharaoh Hatshepsut when she was like 2!
Yo! I'm the Nile River and I am here to say, I am the longest river, Out there today!I love to sway each and every different way. I got my fertile soil and my cool waters,Nothing compares to the Nile's daughters, So imma point them,out and give them a shoutAyo white nile, I know it's almost night so I won't try to give a fright, I just wanted to say hey,Yo Egyptians love you today!Hey Blue Nile, Haven't seen ya in awhile, how ya been, have you seen queen Cleo?How about Pharaoh Hatshepsut? How she been? Still wrapped up in cloth to look nice for the afterlife then?haha aye bro gotta go!

Here is the link for my Youtube Page with the rap, And even some funny or not funny mess ups :) enjoy

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