Who am I?
BY Andrew Provencher

Can you imaging that you are a king for 9 years? I'm King Tut a ruler of the new kingdom from (1336-1327 BC). My days were exciting. I became a pharaoh at the age of 9. My name was Ment which means living image of Aten. My father was Akhenaten or Amenhotep III.

In this wiki, I will tell you why my death was such a mystery.


Why was My Death a Mystery?

Scientists say that King Tut probably died from a broken leg. Finding out how King Tut died was closing one of history's most famous cold cases.

It was thought that King Tutankhamun's died by an explosion more than 3,300 years age. This is not true, a CAT scan showed this.

The 19 year old King had a broking thigh became infected.

King Tut sarcophagus photo
King Tut sarcophagus photo

What else is interesting about King Tut?

* The most interesting fact is that King Tut either murdered with a broken thigh,this is still a case for the Crime Scene Investigation - Cold Case Division.* He ruled in the 8th Dynasty.* King Tut's tomb was almost intact.

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Then and now
King tut was a good king and he ruled young but as a president they can be elected as to 38 years old.

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