Women In Ancient Egypt By : Jasmine Patenaude and Bianca Barker

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Did you know that little Egyptian boys and girls shaved all of their hair off?

Both men and women in Ancient Egypt wore cosmetics. It included green eyeshadow made from a mineral called malachite, and black eyeliner made from galena a type of lead. Early Egyptians also like tattoos.

What was Ancient Egyptian hair like?

Women preferred short hair but most of the time it was long. They would put flowers or ribbons in their hair to decorate it. Even a poor women would be able to add adornments such as berries and petals while children's hair would be decorated with amulets, hair-rings, and clasps.

What was Women's clothing
Throughout the Old, Middle and New Kingdom, the most used costume for women was the simple sheath dress. A rectangular piece of cloth was folded once and sewn down the edge to make a tube shape. The dress would extend from a few inches above the ankles to either just above or just below the breasts.
Throughout this Wiki, you will learn all about fashion and makeup also you will learn about women and men and why they wore makeup.

Fun Facts:
1. Women were not allowed to carry any blades so any jobs requiring the use of such a tool was banned to women.
2. Women were excluded from roles such as court officials and although some women were educated this was far more common for men.
3. Egyptian women were allowed to farm land, sell land and produce produce which they could sell.
4. In the event of a divorce a woman would receive one third of the assets which were acquired during the period of the marriage.
5. Although polygamy was legal it was generally only practiced by the wealthy the prospect of paying maintenance to several women must have reduced the practice
6. Even as young girls women were expected to serve men.
7. Their was a high mortality rate and women who became mothers then took on the responsibility of raising their children as safely as possible.
8. Even the job of washing clothes was deemed as a job for a man as it was possible that a crocodile could attack someone undertaking this occupation.
9. Marriages were usually between men and women of the same social standing.
10. There was no seclusion of women at any time among the ancient Egyptians.
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Then and Now
Women in Egypt wore makeup to every thing that they went to even just around town. This was one of the things that they did well at. They had to go do some of the chores around the house but sometime they wouldn't and it was an off and on deal.

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Down below you will see the video about how they put their makeup on and some photos

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