Writer of Egyptian Hieroglyphics- Callie Jo

Who am I
Have you ever used a reed pen? I have but the tip of the reed pen doesn't stay sharp. Every time it gets dull I have to sharpen it back up. The way I sharpen it is with a knife. Sometimes I use goat or wolf hair to write. I use a very expensive ink that is made from gum, soot , and sometime the ink from an octopus. In this wiki, I will tell you what the Rosetta Stone was and why it was important to Egyptian writing.
hieroglyphics-lg.jpgthis is some of the Hieroglyphics 200px-Papyrus_Ani_curs_hiero.jpghere is some more hieroglyphics

Why was the Rosetta Stone important to figuring out Hieroglyphics?
The Rosetta Stone was important because the writing on the stone would soon help people understand hieroglyphics. The Rosetta stone had three different types of hieroglyphic: Egyptian hieroglyphics, Egyptian Demontic, and Greek letters. The writing was lost after the A.D. 400s. Then 200 years later it was found when a soldier was digging a fort near the Nile in 1799. Then in 1820's a young French scholar named Jean Francois Champollion finally figured it out. When Jean published his results, a new window open for Egyptian research.

Why were Hieroglyphics made?Hieroglyphics were made so Egyptians could read pyramid tombs and other writing. Hieroglyphics are pictures. All pictures in Egyptian writing mean a different letter. They used hieroglyphics to make words like cool, hi, bye, and how are you. There are many words you can make with hieroglyphics. I hope you like learning about hieroglyphics.
cool facts
1.The Rosetta stone had three different types of hieroglyphic
2. There were about 800 hieroglyphic that are words alone
3. The ink was sometime made from octopus ink.

Cool links
This link is an awesome site that tells you how to read hieroglyphics and such.
this link makes the sound and tells you the letter
Info about Hieroglyphics and the rosetta stone
This link says a lot about the rosetta stone and the history behind the mystery of hieroglyphics.

Then and Now
Hieroglyphics were important to Egyptian culture because it was the first way to keep track of things. They could write letters and commcate about what was going in there culture. Today writing is much easier because we have a simple 26 letter alphabet that is easy to understand and easy to read.
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kinglist1.gifThis picture has some of the gods names on it.

hiero7.gifThis is a letter chart and it shows the letter and the picture.